Welcome to The James Website!

I haven't been advertising this site to anyone, so how did you even find this site? Did you just get curious after seeing the domain my personal email uses?

In any case, there isn't much to see here yet, as everything is still under construction. This main page and other pages are in testing/development stages as I learn how to develop this site. It's my own personal labor of love.

There are a couple of obscure corners of the site that are operational and ready for your perusal. Click each tab for more info.

My blog is a space for random rambling and musing, set aside from major public arenas such as Facebook. It's running on Wordpress and will continue to be updated, hopefully with more regularity as I get my feet wet with it. Feel free to jump into the conversation there anytime.

Here reside my forums, which are operational, but purely in testing mode right now. It's your run-of-the-mill phpBB board that I'll breath more life into once I'm confident it's stable and worth anyone's attention. Feel free to play around in there.

Join us in World of Warcraft! I run my own progression raiding guild and we're always looking for new friends.

WoW Guild Rankings

Come check out my private Minecraft server! It's a freinds-only server where you can be free to do as you wish with minimal limitations. I'm always looking to expand the community!



Current server status: .