“For Those Who Raised Us”

I’ve been, for some time now, wanting to write in-depth about a deep sense of betrayal I’ve personally felt from the Republican party and the Western church.  I have not been able to focus enough yet to put thoughts into words, but I did (randomly) stumble across another blogger who captured my feelings with uncanny accuracy.   I think a lot of us who grew up conservative can relate to this:

A Message for those in Power – for those who raised us

I do not know anything about the author.  I’ll pen my own thoughts when I finally manage to get them properly organized.

(There is one line I didn’t understand: “And NOW, they turn around, and label what we are doing as ‘Nationalistic’. We call these actions in ‘America’s’ best interest.”  In context of the rest of the message, this sentence would have made more sense if it read, “And NOW, we turn around, and label what they are doing as ‘Nationalistic’. They call these actions in ‘America’s’ best interest.”   I might have totally misread it due to my own bias.)


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